Business Development

NRG Inc. provides clients with a wide range of business services. Whether you are starting a business, looking at expanding your existing business, or acquiring a business, we provide solutions to satisfy all of your business service and consulting needs. We address essential issues relating to organizational, management, marketing and operational processes for the formulation and implementation of sound business strategies.

We have worked with a number of programs and funds designed to enhance Indigenous business development in Saskatchewan. Our knowledge of various government funding programs and the relationships we have established with developmental lending agencies and commercial lenders allow us to assist Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities with financing plans that meet the needs of their business goals.




Strategic Plan Development

NRG has extensive experience in facilitating strategic and operational planning processes. Developing an effective strategic and operational plan for your business requires working with you to understand long-term business objectives, market environment, and internal capabilities. This helps to form solid, fact-based business strategies built on specific industry structure and dynamics, market changes, customer needs and behaviours, and company positioning. Effective implementation of the plan requires the alignment of all facets of your operations in conjunction with the company’s mission and vision. NRG will work with you to ensure implementation of the plan is aligned at all levels of your organization.

Additional strategic services we offer include:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Distribution Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Marketing Plans
  • Diversification Planning
  • Joint Ventures
  • Social Media Plans

Business Planning

NRG Inc. specializes in Indigenous business development and has an unprecedented level of expertise advising entrepreneurs, groups and organizations on the various avenues of low-interest government funding and grants for new and expanding businesses. A business plan is the key to long-term success for new and established businesses. Research has shown that creating and using a business plan will assist organizations to make the most informed decisions, thereby increasing their chances of success. An effective business plan will convey the vision, values and ideas behind your business concept in a way that others will comprehend. Having a business plan is essential when dealing with lenders, investors, or when attempting to attract business or key personnel.

NRG Inc.’s staff and associates have prepared hundreds of business plans and financial projections for clients including entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, economic development corporations and other non-profit organizations in almost every sector of Saskatchewan’s economy. Preparing a business plan can seem like an insurmountable and time-consuming task to many, on the other hand, having a detailed plan can have significant benefits.
Our consultants will work in consort with your organization to understand the business concept and devise a plan that will yield the most significant result with the lowest financial risk.

Business plans offered by NRG Inc. include:

  • Financial Projections
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • HR and Operations Plan

Feasibility Analysis

To many, starting a new venture can be an exciting time in their life; however, these opportunities always pose a certain degree of financial risk and the possibility of failure. By understanding the potential viability of a business concept, the individual or individuals greatly mitigate their risk. A feasibility analysis typically provides an overview of the business concept, market analysis, competition analysis, stakeholders, operations and HR, along with financial projections. NRG will work collectively with your organization to identify areas in which the business concept can improve its potential viability while ensuring all aspects on the business idea are comprised. We utilize unique and classic methodologies to deliver strategic business planning, financial risk management and increased profitability solutions to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.




Governance Consulting

We are known for our perceptive and tactful approach to solving our clients’ most difficult governance related issues. We work collectively with clients to improve governance and to ensure the board affixes value and cooperativeness to the organization’s success. We provide a proven method to direct development and orientation that is forged in experience and expertise. We assess your board practices, policies, and performance to uncover both the good and the bad. Through effective communication and understanding, we will work with you to develop a plan to see you succeed over the long term. Through effective communication, your new governance framework will shift your board’s dialogue, dynamics and performance. Found below are some of the action items in this consulting product.




Conflict Resolution

NRG Inc. combines the opportunity for you to control costs, timing, outcomes and stress within your organization with the potential to preserve and restore important internal and external business relationships. An unaddressed conflict represents an opportunity to achieve greater understanding within your work team, and we understand the challenges associated with resolution, from asking difficult questions to finding and implementing solutions. By facilitating greater clarity in this process, we can incite meaningful changes to help your team work better together. Conflict resolution services include:

  • Mediation
  • Relationship Building
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Organizational Assessments



Financial Statement Analysis Training Services

In a result driven world, it has become increasingly important for shareholders and decision makers to understand financial statements. If these shareholders have little insight into reading financial statements, it may prove difficult to make the most informed decisions for the organizations future. NRG has extensive experience in tailoring financial training to assist individuals, board of directors, or management teams in interpreting and comprehending pertinent financial information. Utilizing these services will prepare your board for the future while improving upon their skill sets.




Governance Training Services

We develop customized training sessions that hone in on the issues that directly affect the board of directors. Workshops and Education: we bring our expertise right to your board room– your board, your issues, your performance. Our team of facilitators will help you change how you talk about governance.

NRG Inc.

Economic Development

NRG Inc. has extensive experience advising non-profit organizations and community economic development corporations on sustainable growth solutions. Through our knowledge and comprehensive research and analysis, NRG Inc. provides accurate and clear information to help you make important investment decisions, sustain economic growth, and evaluate development opportunities. Our skilled associates can facilitate economic development initiatives between businesses, investors, government and non-government industries, and the community. NRG Inc. has the knowledge and ability to facilitate the following services:

  • Economic Plans and Strategies
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Policy Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Socioeconomic Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Regional Profiles
  • Opportunity Assessments

Community Economic Development, Planning and Training

At NRG, we recognize that strong communities are built on sustainable economic development. We specialize in working with our clients to develop successful community economic development corporations with strong governance models and a well-defined strategic focus that is founded upon an intimate knowledge of the cultural, social, and economic priorities of each community. In addition to serving community clients, we also strive to provide high-quality general research for the development, maintenance, and improvement of economic development policies and programs operated by governments and agencies across Canada. NRG considers the following factors for economic development success: governance model, strategic plan, clear vision, goals, roles and responsibilities, policies, clear and transparent accountability, separation of business and politics, meaningful engagement of partners in business planning, mutual cultural understanding, the employment of qualified people, strong leadership, monitoring and performance measurement, and a fair and effective dispute resolution mechanism.

In the past, there have been a limited number of Indigenous communities involved in economic development activities even though major resource developments are occurring on traditional Indigenous territory near these communities. Indigenous communities, regions and their organizations can face several barriers to initiating and sustaining economic development. Some barriers arise out of the internal conditions of a community’s cultural and organizational environment. Others arise out of the wider external political and economic environments within which Indigenous communities operate. NRG’s approach is to identify the key resources available for successful economic development in each independent situation. From that baseline, we can determine the factors over which Indigenous communities and their organizations have the greatest local control, and which they can gain further expertise. Such an approach gives communities and organizations a better sense of where to focus their time and energy to get the best investment returns.

In response to a lack of capital and capacity in Indigenous communities throughout Saskatchewan and Canada, the federal and provincial governments, in some cases in conjunction with Indigenous political bodies, have developed a number of programs and funds designed to enhance Indigenous economic development. NRG’s knowledge of various government funding programs and established relationships with developmental lending agencies and commercial lenders allows us to assist clients with financing plans that meet the needs of their business. NRG Inc.’s economic development services include:

  • Develop economic development strategies
  • Project management of economic development implementation plans
  • Provide direction for community leaders
  • Develop community economic development strategic and operational plans
  • Economic development governance training
  • Facilitate the establishment of strong economic development organizations
  • Financial statement analysis training
  • Conduct community and business needs assessments

NRG Inc.

Engagement & Consultation

NRG’s Indigenous Engagement and Consultation services streamline the many aspects of the Crown’s Duty to Consult and Accommodate process. NRG works with Indigenous communities, government agencies and industries to develop Duty to Consult and Accommodate processes and to guide all parties involved through the various phases of consultation and accommodation over the course of a resource development project.




Duty to Consult and Accommodate Advisory Services

The Duty to Consult and Accommodate doctrine was created by the Supreme Court of Canada through a series of court decisions made between 2004 and 2007. It gives government a compulsory responsibility for informing First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities when a project, plan or program may have an impact on their existing or potential Indigenous and/or treaty rights; it also ensures that government understands right holders’ interests and concerns prior to the project, plan or program’s approval. The Duty to Consult and Accommodate is triggered when government actions or decisions have the potential to adversely impact the exercise of treaty or Aboriginal rights and pursuit of traditional land uses. Duty triggering activities can include things such as mining activities, forestry activities, peat harvesting activities, or the development of new infrastructure such as roadways and power grids.

It is the obligation of government agencies (federal, provincial, municipal) to inform Indigenous groups if the Duty to Consult and Accommodate is triggered. Upon notification, governments typically provide the impacted group with a 30-day window in which to respond. The Crown also has the financial obligation to give impacted groups the capacity to respond. NRG Inc.’s staff and associates can guide your community through the funding process. In some cases, consultation may result in the accommodation of Treaty and/or Indigenous rights and/or traditional uses. Accommodation is often about incorporating what has been learned during consultation to minimize or prevent potential adverse impacts by avoiding, changing, or amending the plan or action. When those impacts cannot be mitigated, accommodation may take the form of monetary and economic benefit compensation through instruments such as impact benefit agreements with the project proponent.

NRG Inc. engages with Indigenous groups, government and industry to ensure that all elements of the Duty to Consult and Accommodate are satisfied and that Aboriginal rights are protected and respected. We are able to provide comprehensive engagement and consultation services which include:

  • Duty to Consult & Accommodate Advisory Services
  • Duty to Consult & Accommodate Policy Design
  • Duty to Consult & Accommodate Process Facilitation
  • Impact Benefit Agreement Negotiation and Advisory Services
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