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As a 100% Aboriginally-owned and operated company, we at NRG Inc. understand the unique challenges faced by Inuit, First Nations and Métis communities. Although challenges exist, we see an opportunity to improve upon the socio-economic condition of Métis, First Nations, and Inuit people. In today’s society, it has become essential to provide these groups with more than just consulting advice and products, but rather a roadmap for success by improving their overall financial and human capacity through organizational training and governance.

Although many consultancy firms identify their familiarity with Aboriginal Communities, many of them do not specialize within this area. As an Aboriginally-owned business, we recognize the individualistic nature of each Indigenous group, including their history and culture. Since its inception in 2010, NRG has worked with over 35 Métis and First Nations communities and dozens of individual entrepreneurs throughout the province. From this diverse client base, we have gained a specialized understanding of how to best serve each individual or community within this environment.

The firm is composed of three main divisions that include: Aboriginal Engagement and Consulting, Business Development Division, and Economic Development. By providing clients with access to services and experts in these three inter-related areas, we are able to tackle complex problems and act as a full-service consultancy.



Aboriginal Engagement & Consultation

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The Metis Community Capacity Strategy is a five-year pilot project that works with nine Saskatchewan Metis communities to identify business opportunities and build capacity to ensure that the communities are able to capitalize on those opportunities and begin generating wealth from within.

strong communities

At NRG, we recognize that strong communities are built on sustainable economic development.

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